When you think about Jamaica and the Olympics, you’re likely to think Usain Bolt and Track and Field right? What else comes to mind? Does Boxing come to mind, and even if so, are you picturing a female? Well that’s about to change thanks to 19 year-old Jasmine Graham. One of the 2 heavyweights, of only 8 female Boxers in Jamaica, she started at the tender age of 11. After an older boy physically assaulted her brother, she ran to his defense, punching the older boy with no hesitation or regrets. The fight was prevented and they ended up in the principal’s office. That principal changed her life forever; complementing her bravery and informing her that she had talent as a Boxer.

“That day I was told about boxing and I kept going back to learn more. I was introduced to my first Boxing Coach and I was always able to grasp the lessons taught, I learnt that boxing isn’t a game, it’s a whole lifestyle, and you have to think before you act”

A lucky lady, her first coach was former Jamaican Champion Job Walters, who is now a successful coach and father to another talented Jamaican Boxer, Nicholas ‘Axe Man’ Walters. She values Job’s teaching a great deal as she learn so much from him and everything she is learning now can only be added to what he taught her, his teachings are her foundation in Boxing.

By age 15 she had her first national fight and has been rising ever since. This does not mean it was or is easy for her. Going by the philosophy that if you cheat yourself in exercise, you cheat yourself in the Ring, this hard working young lady would Travel regularly from Montego Bay to parishes such as St Ann and Kingston for training, while keeping up with her academics in school. Then there is the issue of her being female, it’s not only that she had to train 3 times as hard to keep up with males who are naturally stronger than females. There’s another challenge for females in Boxing, and it is the reason there are so few female Boxers, Peer groups.

“I would say it’s something I face every day. I tell someone that I’m in Boxing and they ask if I’m not afraid of being hit, or tell me that I’m too beautiful to be a fighter”

Jasmine says that Jamaican females will say they want do fighting, but then get distracted by what is said to them by a male, friend, or even family members and fall back into typical things expected of females.

“I am one of the lucky ones, I have my mother’s full support, my father died when I was 11 years old, so I didn’t have anyone to run to for a second opinion, it was just my mother. Majority of Jamaicans don’t have a mother like mine or even someone behind them in general that pushes you to be great, to do something that benefits you, even if its outside the box”

She has her mother as her #1 fan, who keeps pushing her to be the best she can be, even when she feels like giving up, her mother is never too far away, sometimes jogging alongside her as she exercises. A mother daughter relationship she truly appreciates.

As far as Jasmine can see, If she had a job, she would quit it for boxing, it has allowed many opportunities for her and promises even more, not because it is one of the best paying sports in the world, but because it means so much to her to be able to represent her country in this way. Her present Coach, the legendary Lennox Lewis, whom residing in Hopewell, is much closer to Montego Bay and has opened many boxing camps as he works to inspire the younger generation of boxers is an inspiration to Jasmine. She wants to be able to inspire more Jamaicans just like how Lennox Lewis inspires her and her peers. This is her goal, to give back to her beloved country, to let the younger generation open their eyes to the plentiful opportunities out there, sometimes hidden in places that they may not be quick to look because of the opinions of others, she wants to inspire boldness.

The 2020 summer Olympics is coming up and she isn’t looking for anything less than gold medals, confident, determined, and passionate. She’s ready to make Jamaica proud.




Mr. Pryce – The Revolutionary Poet

A powerful Poem rang out in the halls of St. Christopher’s Nursing Academy this past Thursday morning, telling the story of a man, that lost everything, homeless, all alone in the Jamaican streets, a  dead mother, a vanished father, no one to turn to, except garbage when it’s time to eat. Mr. Pryce – the revolutionary poet was this man. Presenting his poetry to the crowded room, he took command of the eager ears of Montego Bays rising generation of talented youth.

“The streets were my only apartment, barefoot and ragged, smell bad an’ dutty, mi couldn’t afford fancy garment”

“While some a sing and DJ, when dem hear Mr. Pryce dem affi mek way”

“Mi mother taught me never leave my bible, because the world God is a riffle”

Just some of the lines from his epic poem.

When he finally stops the striking poem to make way for the other talents waiting to present, there is endless applause closed off with the first words uttered “…Wow”

But what is this? What’s going on here? Why is this presentation happening in the first place? It is one of many presentations by a Mr. Dwayne Jackson and his D.A. Jackson Easy Street Entertainment company. Mr. Jackson, a young entrepreneur from Montego Bay whom saw the fight of so many great talents in Western Jamaica, due to the circumstances of their lives, they are held back. So many poor people from the Ghettos and the Streets with bursting talent, yet with Kingston being the Jamaica’s Mecca for music and entertainment, they may never get a chance to be discovered. This is where Easy Street Ent. comes in, right here in Montego Bay, you have a chance to be discovered. Easy street gives the young talents of Montego Bay a place for their voice to be heard, a place to relieve their stress with the world, some of these talents could be anywhere on the streets, or in the midst of violence, or some other unhealthy situation, instead they are safe and expressing their talents. Mr. Pryce – The revolutionary poet is not the first, nor will he be the last.

Mr. Pryce proclaims poetry is what saved his life, as he survived two suicide attempts and started telling his story through poetry as a form of therapy. It helps him get rid of negative feelings, as he says “Things I could never openly say to friends, I can say in poetry”

He goes on to defend poetry strongly, stating it is the least used medium in Jamaica yet it is a most fundamental element of all mediums, Reggae Dancehall, Rap, storytelling, etc.

A new talent steps up, her name is Carlene.

“I’m just gonna do a little thing, nothing great alright?”

“Alright.” the crowd responds.

She then dips into the sweetest rendition of  ‘Anita Baker – Sweet love’ the room is stunned, who is this woman, has she been on Digicel Rising Stars, why is she not a famous singer? Where did she get that voice? Wooow!! She finishes her song and goes back to her seat to the soundtrack of loud applause and compliments on her sweet singing voice.

Then her daughter steps up and does a rendition of ‘Bob Marley – Redemption Song’.

Then, another young lady gets her turn, singing a song she recently wrote.

Who are these people? It’s amazing that there is so much hidden talent in Montego Bay, which may never have been known if not for these meetings by Easy Street Ent. Mr. Jackson describes them as a chance for the youth that have nothing else to do to come and express their selves and relieve their stress, rather than be out in the street where who knows what could happen, especially in this time of rising crime and violence. And for those in the room, this is certainly true as they joyfully cheer each other on, this may just be the chance they need, to make it in life.

Next up is a Mr. Sheldon Hartwell, another once homeless youth, now expressing his talents as motivational speaker, on the subject of self acceptance, he states accepting your self is different from accepting where you are, and that in this era where it’s not about controlling dogs or cats or crowns or birds, but power, not political, nuclear, religious or war, but your will. He speaks as a truly intellectual man, rising from a past of homelessness, ridicule and suicidal thoughts, all thanks to self acceptance.

Next up is a DJ, Venclass Faith, according to one of his songs; he was expelled from high school. He expresses that instead of robbing and a life a crime to make money, he makes music about making money. He drops endless rhymes over numerous dancehall riddims connecting tremendously with the group whom cheer him on as he belts positive and uplifting lyrics directed at his peers, assuring them that success can be theirs so don’t fall to temptations that could leave them in jail or dead.  He then brings in a fellow DJ, Krazay One to the stage and they both set the room ablaze with music.

As the event went on to its final moments, you could clearly see the wide variety of talents across Montego Bay whom do not have much places to showcase their talents: Poetry, Dub Poetry, Song Writers, Singers, Motivational Speakers, DJs, Dancers, Models and so much more. In time unyielding high crime rates, these young people have somewhere safe to be, somewhere that their voices will be heard, as they journey towards success. Just ask Mr. Pryce and D.A. Jackson Easy Street Entertainment.


The never ending journey of humanity and technology, how long will this last, how far will we go? Will humanity continue to develop technology to the point we subjugate the universe and life itself? Will there be an uprising like in the Terminator movies? What is the ultimate destiny of humanity and technology? Where even is the line between humanity and technology anymore?


Kylie Jenner, one of the hottest names out there and recently criticized for using Plastic Surgery to cave in to those who said she wasn’t beautiful 

Plastic surgery makes it almost impossible to know how far at first glance. It covers a wide range of doctors working on the outer body to provide the desired look of their customers and if you don’t want surgery there are increasing options of pills, injections, soaps, etc. You can manipulate your physical appearance, skin colour to your heart’s content. God, if he was, is no longer the one that decides how you look. Maybe if this technology existed centuries earlier, some black people would have escaped slavery and some white people would get captured instead?


Lucy Papers: Transgender


Another question mark is the controversial Transgender phenomenon, the outlook here is that just because you’re born, say, with a penis, doesn’t mean you’re male and the technology is available to correct that mistake. It caters to a point of view that gender is different from sex, where society controls what a gender is and does, you already know what sex you are and with technology’s help, you will be that sex, and therefore take back your gender from society’s sticky fingers. So now when getting to know a person of the opposite sex, you might find out some people were born as such and some weren’t.



Social media is already one of most powerful ways out there to communicate, replacing and transforming other forms of communication; the cell phone for example is now more used for social media than making and receiving calls. And Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms out there, never short of a sea of beautiful and sexy women, among other things. Despite a focus on pictures and videos, an Instagram post with the right hash tags is one of the quickest ways to instantly be seen from across the globe; once you are seen and you pique someone’s interest then one might not need to socialize the old fashioned way anymore.

These technologies were not so abundant years ago, so one must wonder how things will be in the years to come. Some may say the constant technological developments are immoral while some see them as visionary and just what the doctor ordered. Maybe the thing with technology is that, as long as its available humanity will use it? Because no matter how far technology develops, it will never catch up to human wants and desires.




Well, Reggae Sumfest 2017 came and went, the annual week-long event that ends with two big nights celebrating Reggae and Dancehall like nowhere else in the world, and this year’s show just happens to be the 25th anniversary. It was a rather smooth sailing show with tons of Jamaica’s brightest young and veteran stars delivering hit songs after hit songs to the massive crowd. Mavado, Alkaline, Shenseeea, Spice, Tommy Lee Sparta, Bounty Killer, so many big names, what more could the crowd ask for? Perhaps more time for Tommy Lee’s performance?

Tommy lee Sparta, Montego Bay’s own was one of the most anticipated artistes to hit the stage of Sumfest night 1; after all, he had been banned from the stage for years now. In fact Tommy Lee’s career has been assaulted continuously over the years. From the moment his hit song ‘Uncle Demon’ became a hit; he was marked for ‘death’ if you will, by the Christian parts of society and the further reaching verbal Christians of the society. Tommy Lee’s Gothic, dark, gory, demonic metaphors were taken literally by most and he was branded a devil worshiper. His fans loved him, but the world and the media were gunning for him. He’s even had to sue another Caribbean country’s Government for inhumane treatment.

This wasn’t Tommy Lee’s only problem though, you see, Tommy Lee is from a certain part of the Flankers community referred to as Sparta, Flankers is a notoriously volatile part of Montego bay, a ghetto if you will and if you are from a community such as this, employers would rather not hire you. Tommy Lee’s music, despite its Gothic texture, is prominently Gangster. Just what some would expect from those who live in Flankers, this doesn’t go unnoticed by the police and he’s been called in for questioning many times and is even publicly branded a gangster, which lead to him being banned from Sumfest as it his said his presence could incite gang violence, putting innocent people at risk.

Fast forward now to Reggae Sumfest 2017 and he finally hits the stage, after a night of some lengthy strong performances, Tommy Lee’s set is barely more than 8 minutes long. Quite a disappointing end to the night’s events, but one Tommy Lee had no control over, as the show was already going over time thanks to lengthy performances by others. And so Tommy lee had to shorten his set. Yet, many crown him with the best performance of the night.



A business man shot dead, his gun stolen, a Footballer shot dead, two other men gunned down in Montego Bay, others nursing gunshot wounds. These are some of the latest headlines racking Montego Bay this weekend; no one can tell you when it will stop, but everyone suspects somebody–just right now–as you’re reading this–got shot in Montego Bay or surrounding areas again. The guns and gangsters are loose in the streets, hunting and gathering, mixing the pot of death, he who happens to be alive and in their way, will never breathe again. Simple and plain.

Even Tommy Lee Sparta, the rumored Gangster and Devil worshiper in his Sumfest performance echoes Bob Marley’s ‘One Love’  and in his own was begs Montegonians to “…Ease aaffa di heepa killing and di violence, u zimi…” and given that Dancehall has been often criticized as influencing the mind of the youth, I wonder if his message will be heard.



IShawna, Ishawna, ISHAWNA!!! This girl can’t seem to keep herself out of trouble. She’s been one of Jamaica’s most popular and controversial females, ever since she got her big break in Dancehall a few years ago. She’s been in high profile relationships, she’s been in break-ups that get pasted everywhere across entertainment media, then she sort of was dipping in popularity, then everybody was talking about her again. Why? In our beautiful Jamaica, certain things, like oral sex for example, is culturally outlawed. This has been changing in recent years to where it was accepted that females should do it to males and that’s that. So what did Ishawna do? She had the nerve to do a song protesting this! She wanted equal rights and justice! She thinks males should return the favour to the ladies. She was heavily criticized, protested, threatened, it was even predicted that her career would end, even though it’s highly possible a wide majority of people never even adhered to that cultural law in the first place. Ishawna remained standing though and all is well with the world.

‘All is well with the World’ Aahahahahahahaha!!!!

Ishawna being Ishawna found herself in trouble again though. What did she do now? She made a rather simple statement on her Instagram page showing off her sexy, shapely body in a rather skimpy get-up, leaving almost nothing to the imagination with a caption:


She’s referring to the legendary and beloved Jamaican Poet and Folklorist Louise Bennett-Coverley, affectionately called ‘Miss Lou’ and the fact that you would not catch Miss Lou dead wearing anything that skimpy. Miss Lou is widely known for wearing the traditional Jamaican dress which some do refer to as tablecloth. While ishawna may have meant no disrespect to the Jamaican great and was just expressing a bit of humour, almost no one took it that way and she is once again being heavily criticized, protested, threatened, it is even being predicted that her career will end. I’m starting to see a pattern here.

Legendary Jamaican Poet and Folklorist, Louise-Bennett-Coverley in her traditional Jamaican attire



One of best reviewed and most popular shows on television is back for its 4th season. The heartwarming and cutthroat series tells the story of James St. Patrick A.K.A. Ghost, a big time Drug Dealer trying to go legit, or maybe not. Jamie is a grown man with tons of experience in a very much ‘Dog eats Dog’ world. In the first episode he puts a bullet in some guys head as part of his own character introduction–his best friend Tommy, ran over a guy whom wasn’t showing enough respect’s legs with the guys own car–his wife Tasha, knows he’s a Drug Dealer and wants him to stay being a Drug Dealer, even though he could die or go to jail any day and their children would be without a father–he freaking set his mentor up to go to jail so that he could take over the Drug operation–and somehow Ghost finds the time to get sprung on his childhood sweetheart, who is not his wife, and who is law enforcement and so now his life is just one hell after the other.

There’s a lot of stuff going on here, yet it never stops being intriguing. You feel these characters’ pain, you root for the characters as they go about their criminal ways, you hope these characters don’t get caught, and if they do, you hope they kill who could snitch on them and you can’t wait to watch it happen. You don’t miss an episode of this show.



for more info on night 1 see last week’s post


Reggae continues into  its second night of hot international performances on Saturday July 22 with the following artistes:



One of Jamaica’s biggest names internationally, Sean Paul was already a steady hit-maker in 90s Dancehall scene before making it big overseas in the early 2000s. There was a time between 2003-2005 when this guy was everywhere on your TV, and while he has largely stayed away from the spotlight, he still has a large following and whenever he pops up his head, its really just to drop more hit songs. You will never see him in the midst of controversy, but you will see him on top the charts.


Sizzla Kalonji, is another veteran and legend in Dancehall, a loud and passionate Rastafarian musician, he has a endless Catalogue of hits and powerful music that bring him across the globe quite often, it is also said, he has released more than 20 albums in his career. Wow.



The Doctor, Beenie Man is a living legend that stands alongside his greatest nemesis Bounty Killer in Dancehall. If Bounty Killer is for gangsters, the he is for the ladies. Beenie is a one man stage show when it comes to performances and will we sure to have you entertained for hours.


This veteran Rastafarian singer has been going at it since the early 2000s when he made his first hit while being in jail. This unique situation propelled him to stardom and it was as if he received a hero’s welcome once he became a free man again. He’s been a rather successful artiste since then with no signs of slowing down.

Also performing will be Queen Ifrica, Christopher Martin, Richie Stephens and Many more.


Mathematics, the great problem many young people face today in their academic journey. What if there was hope, what if there was a way to improve your grades in Mathematics efficiently? What if your next Math grades left nothing but a big smile on your face?

Let Marsha-Lee Facey and her Montego Bay based Transparent Mathematics Centre be your guide you. “Where Teaching and learning is clear” is the school motto from this experienced teacher with an especial talent in Mathematics.

Why is her school the right fit for you? “The love I have for mathematics, the passion I have for it, and yet…I see so many people failing math. I want to help people grasp the concept of mathematics in the easiest way possible, in turns of…how to understand math and decrease the level of fear in mathematics” is her answer. A Passionate and dedicated woman who wants to see nothing but the best for her students. When it comes to requirements of these students, she says “I have never seen anyone coming to class regularly, doing their assignments, taking their work serious and then fail. No” she continues to say “when you do what is required of you, it’s not so much to do it and get it right, but it’s to retain the knowledge, this makes it easier for you to understand and be able to move on to the next level”

As it is said in a famous movie “The problem is not the problem, the problem is your attitude to the problem!” Transparent mathematics centre brings a refreshing alternative to dealing with the problem of mathematics, and it is available to students of all ages. Let Transparent Mathematics Centre help you master the basics and accomplish difficult tasks so that you can reach your true academic potential.

“It brings back hope, so many who believed that they could not pass Mathematics are now elated and filled with confidence” she says of students’ reaction to their results after attending Transparent Mathematics Centre. “When students pass, especially those that left high school so long ago, some of them in their 40s, 50s, passing CXC Math and it’s like a shocking experience to them, and it’s all because they took a chance with Transparent Mathematics Centre, it makes me know that I’m doing the right thing, and I’m not gonna stop doing this” within the next five years Marsha-lee sees Transparent Mathematics Centre expanding and branching off into other parishes when on its way to becoming a prominent School in Jamaica. She goes on to say that while Math is her school’s specialty, it’s not the only subject the school offers, especially since focus is placed on students individually, the language arts and Human & Social Biology for example, all around her students perform great academically. Contact transparent mathematics today at 836-4712.


sumfestThe main shows of Jamaica’s premier music festival, Reggae Sumfest is coming, July 16-21, 2017 at the Catherine Hall entertainment Centre, are you ready? Here’s the lineup for the first night, come back next Monday for Night 2’s line up:


ALKALINE: one of Jamaica’s biggest and most controversial dancehall artistes, with the amount of controversy and criticism he’s experienced in his young career, it’s a miracle he’s still standing and is this loved. Alkaline has amassed a massive following and fan base that one can arguably make many of his rivals envy his position. He first gained attention as that random young man who tattooed his eye balls for some reason, a completely ill advised and unhealthy risk, all because he wanted to stand out and gain fame, it was later revealed that he was just wearing contacts all along though, he also gained notoriety for being a Vybz Kartel copy cat which pretty much gained him the wrath of Vybz Kartel’s endless list of fans and Vybz Kartel himself, when the smoke cleared however, Alkaline stood unscathed though, and even formed an alliance with Kartel’s greatest rival, Mavado. Alkaline is still going strong, with a multitude of hit songs, he’s definitely going to draw a big crowd to Reggae Sumfest and maintain the entertainment.

MAVADO: One of the biggest names in Dancehall music, Mavado is a legend with many years of experience working on Reggae Sumfest. With a career that took off over a decade ago, one should expect exposure to his massive catalogue of hits, from “Wah dem a duh” to “I’m so special” to “Progress”, Mavado has been through it all and is still going.

BOUNTY KILLER: The “Grung Gad”, this legendary Dancehall icon could be considered the godfather of modern Dancehall, even though he might at times be its biggest critic. Bounty killer is the man responsible for bringing some of the biggest names in Dancehall to the spotlight. Vybz Kartel, Mavado, Busy Signal, Elephant Man, you name the artiste, Bounty Killer has probably played a role in their success. Expect nearly 30 years of hits.

TORY LANEZ:  The second most popular Hip-hop artiste from Canada, Tory Lanez has been around for years making hits and is now ready to perform for the Reggae Sumfest audience

AIDONIA:  A veteran Dancehall artiste with over a decade’s worth of hits, Aidonia is one of the most lyrical and hardcore DJs around right now.

DEXTA DAPS:  Dexta Daps is just what the ladies ordered, his nonstop hit songs just drive the ladies crazy, especially his latest hit “Owner” which is accompanied by a raunchy music video that only leaves the obvious to the imagination, he will have ladies begging him to never leave the stage.

SPICE: The top female DJ, spice is a veteran with no equal, seemingly the successor to the throne left empty by Lady Saw’s departure from Dancehall. Spice has a massive catalogue of hits and stage performances that will have you entertained for days to come.

TOMMY LEE SPARTA: Another big name in Dancehall, Tommy Lee has an interesting relationship with Reggae Sumfest, as he’s a native of Montego Bay, the home of the show. When he got his big break in Dancehall, his Reggae Sumfest performance was one of the most anticipated and well received, however, over the years he’s not appeared at the show again until now. His performances throughout western Jamaica has been blocked by the police over the years, as they argue it would be a danger to public safety since Tommy Lee is from the volatile Flankers community and is accused of being linked to Gang activities. His unique style, which mixes Gothic vibes including the use of words like ‘demon’ to various metaphoric effects with a hardcore Gangster personality doesn’t really help, especially when as powerful a political force as the church has something to say about it.

MASICKA: A rising force in the Dancehall arena, Masicka is on the verge of finally making it big in Dancehall, some would argue he’s already made it and Reggae Sumefest is the proof.

Also performing on Night 1 will be: Shenseea, Jahmeil, Tifa, Ding Dong, Devin di Dakta,  Harry Toddler, Iyara and more.


A bullet riddled Car rests in the middle road on a highway in Montego Bay, Traffic piled up as the occupants were rushed to the Hospital 

Montego bay, Jamaica’s second city may be going through some issues with the rampaging crime and violence, but all is not lost, people are still out and about, living it up and going full speed ahead in all things positive, while it is true there have been a number of shooting incidents, including the shooting death of a 9 year old girl this past weekend, the police have been out in full force seeking to maintain the peace.


Former Jamaica Prime Minister Mrs. Portia Simpson-Miller has been a very polarizing figure in Jamaican politics for at least the last 10 years. She is the first female to reach the esteemed position of Prime Minister in our country and despite this achievement has had to face numerous ruthless criticisms about how she does her job, both from the people and other politicians. In fact, in recent times, even those within her own political party were shooting critical darts at her and requesting her forfeit of leadership to someone more competent, especial with the PNP’s most recent loss in the elections. She has done so and also announced her retirement. This is where things take an interesting turn however, you see despite all the criticism thrown at her in the past, Politicians within her own party and opposing factions have had nothing but positive things to say about her. Jamaican Politicians have always been seen as hypocrites and to some this is the ultimate proof. It’s not just the politicians though; the people of the country have nothing bad to say about Portia, except for one. Tanya Stephens, a legendary Reggae/Dancehall musician, famous for being intensely opinionated, went on the attack, she noticed all the love Portia was getting and went as far as saying it’s like watching people congratulating a man that raped her for being a good person. Tanya has faced merciless waves of backlash for her stance, as seemingly the only person able to remember the general perception of Jamaica’s first female Prime Minister.

Former Prime Minister Mrs. Portia Simpson Miller in harmony with Political rivals whom don’t have mean things to say about her anymore.


Why not give Starlight Early Learners and Daycare a try? Located at 19 Princess Street, Montego Bay; the school boasts a wide array of activities, such as: 4h Cubbies, Music, Speech, Swimming, Dancing, Spanish, Computers and many more. All this is coordinated by the beautiful Principal, Sasha-Gaye Ritchie; a gifted Teacher with a special gift of love for kids. In fact it is this gift that gave her the idea to start the school, if there was one thing constant during her years experience, it was the many times her peers told her that this path might just be her calling. She listened, and she has never looked back since.
“They’re just fascinating” she said “I like to see when I’m teaching them, they just answer like any big person. They are just a bundle of joy”
With an attitude like that, you can see why she’s going places in this field, funny enough, that’s just what she planned.
In the next five years, she sees herself nowhere but the extreme top, as she proudly declares that with God, all things are possible.
She will be the first to admit that it’s not easy not an easy road, but her undying love for the Kids, her prayers and support from parents of the Kids she teaches, keep her strong throughout all obstacles; as she takes her school and kids to success.
As her school motto states “Reaching for the stars” Shasha-Gaye alongside the Starlight Early Learners and Daycare are ready start Kids off with great and valuable education, as they grow into the next generation of Jamaicans
STARLIGHT EARLY LEARNERS AND DAYCARE next semester begins September 2017 and can be reached at: 1-876-460-8577/530-5538 or